Monday, June 30, 2014

What Will It Take?

I love my Grandma, she's very zany.  She's forever making me laugh and skyping with her this morning was no exception.  I was asking how she was doing at BINGO since she'd won $1 when I had last been there to play with her, sadly she hasn't had the same luck since.  When she feels like talking she always has the best stories. She was telling me about two of the nurses having to break up a fight the other day, which I can only imagine was quite comical.  Then there was another instance where a gentleman my Grandma described as "a know-it-all who tells everyone what to do" was trying to tell her how to use her wheelchair.  She just grinned at me told me she just ignored him.  I just love her independence.

She's found this young man at her nursing home (I think she said he's a nurse's aid) and he's apparently made quite the impression on her.  I say that because she's been trying to fix him up with one of my cousins, but so far hasn't had any luck (although it's not for lack of trying on her part).  Well, apparently, she's now decided that I need to come home so I can date this man.  It was an amusing conversation; in the words of my Grandmother, "he's tall and skinny, he's got a great sense of humor, and he likes to travel."  Plus, he apparently owns his own home, which I guess makes him more dateable?   Anyway, she couldn't remember any of the places he's been though, so I'm not holding my breath on the "loves to travel" part.  I told her he's going to have to come over here and visit me or he'd just have to wait.  She seems quite adamant though, because she told my mom she has to come to the nursing home and take his picture so she can send it to me.  She's crazy, but I love her anyway....

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