Sunday, June 22, 2014

God's Timing is Always Perfect

God sure knows how to brighten a girls day!  I've been really praying in the last few weeks that I'd learn to trust God, and just leave things in his hands, especially in regards to a job.  The sermon yesterday at church was about Time and before the service started there was a beautiful slide up on the screen that simply said "God's timing is always perfect."  That's what I keep trying to remind myself when I get discouraged about not getting a job - that God's got it under control.  So it was a nice reminder before the service ever started.  I really enjoyed my time at church, the song time was comfortable and I'm starting to feel like I belong.  Maybe describing the music portion of a service as "comfortable" sounds strange to you, but when an entire congregation is singing songs you don't know you feel a bit out of place, but I knew a few of the songs this morning; and since I love to sing it's nice to be able to just sing.  The worship team was to teach a new song, but the drummer hadn't been able to make it, so Peter decided he'd just have the congregation clap the beat for the song in hopes it would help us get the rhythm.  It turned out to be a rather amusing exercise as half of us were clapping one beat and the other half another beat, on purpose mind you.  But, rhythm just isn't some people's forte.  Either way, it had everyone laughing.  As it says in Psalm 100, "make a joyful noise unto the Lord" and I'm sure He loves to hear His children laughing.  Judi (she had me over for lunch last week) sat with me during the service and I was able to chat with her afterwards.  I also met Allan & Betty Duncan, this sweet couple who just celebrated their 65th anniversary.  He told me that they're best friends and do everything together.  He and I talked for quite awhile, and then Maureen (the Canadian woman I met at the church work day) came over and said that if I'm still around once they get their kitchen finished she'd like to have me over for dinner.  So it was a lovely morning.

I spent most of Sunday afternoon online reading articles and travel blogs, researching things to do in Cairns, job searching, that sort of thing.  Carol Laird (we met in Juarez, Mexico years ago) and some of her family are in Australia right now and had just done a tour of the Great Barrier Reef so I'd asked her on Facebook what her recommendations were of the group they'd gone with.  She'd gone with Reef Experience and would highly recommend them.  She also mentioned that they hire workers and several of the staff were from the USA.  So on a whim I decided I'd just email them and another diving/snorkeling tour group just to see if they'd need any help.  Since I was on the diving topic I started checking out the types of scuba diving certifications thinking maybe I'd do that while there.  Anyway, I'd stumbled upon this blog while contemplating my move to Australia and stumbled upon it again yesterday.  She had a whole series of posts on Becoming a Dive Master. For whatever reason I ended up reading the whole series, even though a Dive Master is way above what I was contemplating doing.  I promise I'm leading up to something with this story.  So, a few weeks ago my parents had asked me what type of job I'd like so they could be specific when praying for a job for me.  I told them I didn't really know, I was open to a lot of things, but told them a job on the water would be pretty cool.  Then this morning when I checked my email I got this reply from the manager at Seastar Cruises:
Thank you for your application.  The only position we have available is a Dive Master traineeship.  As this is short term training work the pay is very modest. Also we require you to stay for a minimum of 6 months.  But you do get to do a lot of diving on the Great Barrier Reef and you are a fully qualified PADI dive master on completion, which enables you to work anywhere in the world as a dive master.  If this interests you please advise.
Seriously?  God is pretty awesome sometimes.  I'm not saying I'm taking the job, I still know next to nothing about it, and have never even been scuba diving before, but what an opportunity!  Since I'd read all the blog posts yesterday I actually had a clue as to what the man was talking about, and so many people had been praying that I'd find a job before I left Gawler.  Even if I don't take the job or actually get offered the job, it's such an encouragement to see how God can do so much more than we ask or imagine (Isaiah 64:4).  I would have been happy serving lunch on the boats while they're on tours, but never imagined this!

Then to top it all off, I'd managed to fix my webcam/skype issue Sunday night and so I was able to skype (and actually see) several people from my home church (and my Gram) when talking with my family this morning.  For the last 3 months I've only been able to talk with my family, we haven't been able to see each other. God's timing is perfect, I fixed it right before my parents surprised me by taking their laptop to church so I could talk to some dear friends during our weekly skype call.  So, with this good news comes the possibility of more decisions, which I'm still not a fan of, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.  For now I'm just thankful for what He's showing me about His perfect timing.

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