Thursday, July 3, 2014

Deemed a Success

I was awake, but hadn't bothered to get out of bed yet, when my phone rang yesterday morning.  It was Dick calling to let me know they'd managed to get an earlier flight.  With that news the pace of my morning sped up a bit so that I could get ready and get to the airport in time.  I arrived early and their flight was delayed be about half an hour, but I had a book to read so it wasn't too bad.  At this point I'm quite used to sitting in airports.  What I wasn't used to was being able to meet them at the gate.  Apparently for domestic flights you don't need to have a ticket to go through security and meet someone at the gate.  Also of minor interest, was the parking garage.  As you entered there was a tally board that told you how many open spaces were on each level.  I don't think it was entirely accurate, but it certainly gave you a good gauge of your chance at finding a parking spot.  It was a pretty lazy afternoon yesterday (well for me it was, Les was busy unpacking and washing bedding -it was a mess from the dogs).  Her and I watched some Golden Girls (that show always makes me laugh) and then Rachel (their daughter) and their 2 grandsons Jacob & Caleb arrived.  Jacob and I talked about movies and TV shows until it was time to head to Fasta Pasta for dinner (it was Thursday after all, and they're Thursday night regulars).

So this morning was spent reading the newspaper and applying for a few jobs.  I have no idea what they have planned for the rest of the weekend, but hopefully I can manage to get to Flinders Street Baptist for church on Sunday.  Pastor Torrey had sent me an email inviting me to come down since they're having a special CoCG service.  I have no idea what that stands for (the 3 people I asked couldn't remember), but it's the "college & career" group I believe.  Anyway, it would be nice to see everyone there again, so we'll see what happens.  Dick & Les both seemed happy with the way the animals and the house were cared for, so my first housesitting assignment was a success.

Happy Independence Day USA

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