Friday, June 13, 2014

A Rainy Day in the City

I managed to get the dogs walked before it started raining, so for that I was quite grateful.  It rained pretty much nonstop from about 8am to 2pm, but South Australia definitely needed the rain.  I caught the train into town and Rosalie picked me up outside the train station.  We then headed to Zoe's Restaurant to meet up with her husband Doug for lunch.  This is the lovely couple from Flinders Street Baptist who often took me out for lunch and then drove me home from church.  They gave me some advice on visiting Alice Springs and Uluru so that was nice.  Anyway, after lunch Rosalie and I headed down the street to check out the shops and do some window shopping.  She's such a lovely woman.  I can only think to describe her as the Aussie version of a Southern Belle.  She's very neat and proper, but as sweet as can be as well.  She said 'hello' and made small talk with just about every shop keeper we visited and always made sure she said 'Thank you' as we left.  She also has a wonderful way of making people feel at ease.  We stopped in a few jewelry stores and she was giving me advice on the style of engagement ring I should get!!   She was cracking me up, but she claims a beveled setting is the way to go so the diamond can't get lost and it never snags on things.  Apparently she lost her diamond from a pronged setting and nearly lost another stone from another ring so she had them both reset with a beveled edge.

Well, after our window shopping we decided to head back to their house and play a game called Sequence.  It was so yucky out or else she said we could have gone to the beach or something.  She said they learned the game Sequence while in the US so it seemed fitting that we play it.  I'm pretty sure I've played it before, in fact I think my mom made our own board so all six of us could play.  Well after a lovely afternoon, I managed to just barely catch my train home.  I had to run to make it (or wait another 40 minutes for the next one), but I got back to Gawler with just enough time to take the dogs on a quick walk before it was too dark to see.  It was a lovely afternoon and I'm glad I got to see them both again.

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