Monday, June 2, 2014

A Chance Encounter

I was skyping with my family this morning and my Aunt stopped by so she stuck around to chat.  In the course of our conversation she asked if there were a lot of koalas in my area.  I told her that there were some, and that Dick (the man I'm house sitting for) had told me he'd seen one once in the park where we walk the dogs.  He said that it was more common for the dogs to find a kangaroo and run off chasing it, than it was for me to see a koala (being as their mostly nocturnal and all).  We went to the park this evening, as usual, and set off around the loop.  Not long into the walk they both went running off into the woods, which isn't all that unusual, when suddenly, I heard this strange thumping noise behind me.  I'd never heard such a sound before and I turned around to see a rather large kangaroo hopping extremely fast through the woods and heading straight towards me!  There was a fence behind me, so I took a few steps backwards so that it could run up the path towards the field without me being in the way.  I wasn't sure if a kangaroo being chased by dogs would feel threatened by a person standing still, but thankfully it steered clear of me.  The dogs weren't far behind it and they all went barreling through a break in the fence and into the field.
Obviously not the kangaroo in question, but
don't be fooled by their cuteness, they're quite fast!
 It all happened so fast and was quite shocking.  I feel as if that was some sort of Australian initiation rite or something, either way, it's way better than a chance encounter with a shark, or heaven forbid a spider or snake.  Well, that was my excitement for the day - cheers!


  1. I hadn't read much of your blog for awhile and spent some time tonight getting caught up on the last month +. You have definitely been on quite a few different adventures, from almost getting run over by a kangaroo clear back to the Feral meal with those wonderful exotic ingredients.

    I am so thankful that you are meeting a lot of wonderful people who have been so generous to you throughout your travels! Although you might not "have the knack" with kids, you seem to be coping quite well! Not only with the kids, but in all the driving that you have done around SA! I'm impressed and excited for you.

    1. I'm glad you find my ramblings entertaining :) Love to you both!