Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Devotional for Travelers

Faith-Based Travels by Nicole Jeffery

"They'll make a devotional about anything."  If you walk through a Christian Bookstore and browsed the devotional section I'm sure you'd have to agree with that statement.  Be that as it may, I did find this book did a pretty good job of addressing some of the issues that face people, particularly young people, who set off to do some more long-term traveling.
This devotional addresses those challenges {when faced with distance separating one from family and familiarity} head-on, reminding readers that God is with them wherever they go, and that He will meet their needs.
 While I did feel that there were times the author might have taken verses not entirely in context to make her point, in general she did a good job in picking topics on which travelers would struggle and giving encouragement and advice.  The one thing I didn't like were the prayers at the end of each devotion, but that could just be more of a personal preference, and doesn't necessarily detract from the book.  Each section ends with travel tips on the chapter's topic from travelers the world over. I appreciated that she started with devotions in regards to planning your trip and ended with a section of devotions on what she termed "re-entry".  Here's a brief glance into some of the topical sections she covers: prayer, evangelism, loneliness, fellowship, the church's perspective, God's guidance and more.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is planning on taking a gap year, studying abroad, planning a working holiday, or the like.  I can definitely attest that the chapter on re-entry would have been most helpful to me upon my return from a semester abroad years ago.  My family can bear witness to that fact that I did not handle re-entry very well.


  1. Just saw this for the first time, Abbie. I am the author of Faith Based Travels. Thanks for your feedback and for recommending my book. It is soon to become an eBook. God bless, xx

    1. That's awesome, thanks for reading!