Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gotta Give Credit

I don't think I've give God enough credit during the last three months or so.  Although I've been praying for a job, and had hoped to have found one for the time I was in South Australia, things have worked out quite well without one.  He sent me two lovely girls for my week in Sydney, who also were interested in surf camp - had they not been going I'm not sure I'd have done it.  Then, after a week of not finding work I was able to do the help exchange with Lesley and things worked out well enough that I was able to stay until I came to Gawler, so I had virtually no expenses for those six weeks.  Although I had anticipated having to pay for food and gas while doing the house sit, God worked it out that Dick and Les left me money for food and gas!  Doug & Rosalie were also a wonderful blessing and here in Gawler He's given me wonderful Christian people to look after me.  Today was my lunch with Judi (one of the chaplains at the church here) and I was just so amazed at her journey.

When we made our plans she had originally said to meet at 10am and then she'd mentioned having lunch and I told her I could do lunch.  I hadn't realized she had changed the time of our meeting to lunchtime, when she mentioned having lunch, so I showed up on her doorstep at 10am this morning.  The poor woman hadn't even showered yet, she'd had a very busy day yesterday and had overslept.  I felt terrible once I realized she had thought I wasn't coming until noon.  She was a gracious host anyway, and quickly showered and got ready.  We talked in her living room for two hours and then she ended up taking me out to lunch and we talked for another two hours.  She has some amazing stories of how God has worked in her life.  Things that have happened that can only be explained by His hand at work in her life.  It's always nice to be encouraged with stories of things that might not make sense at the time being used by Him later on in life.

 She gave me this adorable little stuffed wombat for me to take home for my new little niece or nephew too!
 She saw it while out the other day and thought it would be perfect, so that was very thoughtful of her (we'd made our plans the day I found out I was going to be an aunt so I'd shared the news with her).  Before we parted ways she said that if I ever needed anything to give her a call, even if I'm not still in SA because it's always nice to know there's someone in the country who is willing to help.  She said I can even call her if I just want to talk.  So, today I'm giving credit to God for all the little things He does, even when they aren't obviously, smack-you-in-the-face, from Him.

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