Friday, June 20, 2014

Planning My Next Move

Well, with about 2 weeks to go I realized I needed to figure out where I was heading next.  So at the beginning of the week I decided I'd do a tour of Uluru and then head to Cairns.  I spent a ton of time researching guided tours of Uluru, bus trips there, pricing airline tickets, you name it.  I narrowed it down to one tour and just had to decide how to get up to Alice Springs.  The website for the company that had the bus trip (cheap transport) wasn't very descriptive so I called for more info.  Well, actually, I ended up calling 4 times over 3 days and just couldn't get an answer!!  In that time the air fare had gone up so I was getting a bit frustrated.  But God was looking out for me because today I finally got some answers and realized that the bus trip was from Alice Springs to Adelaide (backwards) and wouldn't have worked anyway!  Thankfully the guy mentioned that I wanted the trip in reverse and he wasn't sure if it went in reverse.  Somehow, despite looking at the description multiple times, I never caught that it wasn't starting in Adelaide!  So, the bus trip was out and now I was stuck paying more for airfare than I would have had I gotten the answers I needed the first day I called.  I was able to find a ticket that was only $50 more than the price from 2 days earlier, but I decided I'd do a bit more research and see if I could find any other random airfare search websites that would give me a lower price.  After about 8 different searches I'd nearly decided it wasn't worth it when I thought I'd try a special student ticket site.  Low and behold, I was able to get the ticket for only $13 more than on Tuesday!  Then, to top if off I got to skype with my favorite 10-year-old and even saw a rainbow on my walk with the dogs tonight.  I'm just thankful things worked out today.

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