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Living life on purpose...
I'm not a big fan of making decisions. I'm not even talking about big, life-altering decisions (although I'm definitely not a fan of those either) - just little decisions can cause me anxiety. I'm starting to think I have commitment issues.
Anyway, sometimes I prefer to just not make the decision (especially in regards to small decisions). I just let the deadline run out or hope someone else will somehow decide for me. And then I realize, not deciding is often a decision. Ridiculous, but true. You have a chance at a new job, but you can't decide if you want to take it or not. Well, if you wait too long to decide the application deadline will have expired and voila! Decision made for you. Maybe I'm afraid I won't like the decision I've made and there will be no one to blame but myself. And then sometimes I'm just afraid that after I decide, something better will come along, but I've already made a commitment. But living life like that could probably lead to some regrets - and who wants that?
So I'm going to start trying to live my life on purpose. Not letting life and circumstances decide things for me all the time. Take some time to sort out my options, list the pros and cons, ask advice if necessary and then DECIDE. Be brave - make some mistakes along the way, but do stuff on purpose. It's far to easy to let life carry you along, ignorant of your destination....

You'll find a little bit of everything on here: books and articles I love, crafts, travel stories, personal thoughts on life and living with purpose, and maybe even some random things...

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I made the huge decision in 2013 to move to Australia, so on of March 9, 2014 I headed 'down under' on a working holiday visa.  With that being said, my blog now has an disproportionate amount of personal thoughts as I tried to keep everyone back home up to date on my life overseas.  Since I've returned the blog has returned to normal with the occasional life update with more frequent content during and after a new trip.

I do apologize that my blog domain is grammatically incorrect, but the name I wanted was already taken.


  1. Hey Abby,it's Nick. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.The pics are great and what an Awesome place this would be to visit.I'm glad your here with us now but who could blame you for wanting to be there.Also,thank you so much for your cards,prayers,well wishes and for your kindness.See ya soon,hopefully.

    1. Hey!! Glad you enjoyed the blog; and I hope to see you soon too! I've heard rumors you might be back soon :)