Monday, June 30, 2014

The Land of Rainbows

I saw another rainbow this morning, I seem to see them quite often here.  I could see both ends, but not the middle.  And while hearing "the land of rainbows" probably doesn't conjure up pictures of South Australia, due to the whole leprechaun-rainbow- pot of gold trifecta lending itself to images of Ireland, I'm still amazed how often they're visible here.  Of course, that's probable only in the winter when they get more rain.

Last night I had the pleasure of cleaning up a wonderful surprise Polly left me.  Yes, that sentence was sarcastic.  As I walked behind the bar to turn off the fishtank light I noticed something on the ground.  I'd turned most of the room lights off already so I had no idea what it could be, but I'd heard her messing around back there while I'd been watching TV.  After turning on some lights I saw what looked to be partial remains of a rabbit.  I have no idea what she'd done with the rest of it and can only hope she didn't hide or leave it somewhere else in the house.  So that was a fun little chore, removing rabbit pieces and cleaning the carpet...

I was able to skype with my parents this morning, so it was nice to be able to talk through some of my future options.  For a girl who doesn't like to make decisions I've certainly got plenty of options ahead of me, so it's always nice to get someone else's perspective.  Since it was finally sunny today I decided I'd do a bit more gardening.  I was able to do quite a lot and finally decided to call it quit's when my gloves were nearly dripping wet.  All this rain made most of the weeds come out quite easily, but it also meant everything is still wet.  Dick & Les come home on Thursday so my time here is coming to a close.  I'm definitely looking forward to hearing about their trip and all the countries they visited.

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