Sunday, June 1, 2014


It was rainy all day Saturday, the perfect day to curl up with coffee and a good book.  Despite the yucky weather I decided I might as well get myself out of the house and go to the birthday party.  Did I mention it was a 60's & 70's themed costume party?
The party invitations
 I obviously didn't have anything that would pass for either era so I didn't dress up, and thankfully a few of the parents that came didn't dress up either.  They apparently take their costume parties very seriously, almost everyone had rented a costume!  So, needless to say, everyone looked very authentic.  There was one kid who was wearing some of his grandfather's clothes from the era and another kid who claimed he'd found a loop-hole and had dressed up from the 1860's.  The invite only said " a costume from the 60's and 70's is your ticket in" and this young man decided Jacob should have specified the century as well.  Rachel told me he marches to the beat of his own drum.  They had a disco ball outside and played lots of oldies.  It was funny to hear the other ladies reminisce about their favorite bands and which groups they'd seen in concert.  Apparently, at that point in time most of their music still came from England or the U.S. first.  It was a nice enough evening altogether, and although I didn't necessarily have fun, I don't regret going, so I guess that's what matters.

I had to get gas this morning before church, and man is it expensive!  $50 doesn't even fill the tank on a little Hyundai!  Anyway, I found this at the church library while browsing this morning - sounded pretty perfect, so I checked it out.
Faith-Based Travels: A Devotional Guidebook For
the Faith-Filled Traveller by Nicole Jeffery
 Anyway, I met one of the chaplains, Judi, and she was, of course, very nice.  She lives off Cheek Avenue (the opposite direction from Liz & Brian) and said she'd love to meet up or have me over for coffee or lunch some time since I'm free during the day.  She gave me her phone number and told me to call if I'd like to stop by, she didn't want to pressure me into visiting.  Although I appreciate her not wanting to pressure me, I feel like now I have to initiate and I hate initiating things.  Oh well, if I can go to a 60's themed birthday party I can certainly call and make plans with someone I barely know.  Live life on purpose.  Life life on purpose.

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