Thursday, June 12, 2014

Another Lovely Dinner

It's rainy here today, but it thankfully held off until after I'd walked the dogs this morning.  I'm heading into Adelaide today to visit with Rosalie, so that should be nice.  I suppose I should catch you all up on the happenings yesterday.  I had an appointment at the Volunteer Resource Center to see if there was any volunteer work I could do while here.  It took them quite awhile to get my appointment in, so I've only got a few weeks left here, but the woman did seem to think I'd be able to help do some short term admin type work for a Sustainable Living Festival.  I'll hear back from them on Monday as to whether they've got anything for me to do.  After my meeting I headed into town to stop at the post office and the library.  While there I figured I might as well stop in to check that job opening at Subway.  As suspected, they're looking for a more permanent employee, not just a quick 3 week fill in.  So, still no job, but at this point I'm ok with that since I don't plan on staying here anyway.

After our afternoon walk around the park I headed off to Brian & Liz's house for dinner.  They're the couple from church who had me over for dinner a few weeks ago.  Liz had also invited Kate and her husband Allen to join us.  Kate, Liz, and I were the only 3 at the fitness class Tuesday night, so it was nice to get to know them a bit better as well.  It was a lovely meal, Liz is a very good cook.  With five of us the conversation flowed quite nicely, and I didn't even have to do most of the talking.  Both couples are quite involved in the church and will be at the clean up day tomorrow (Saturday), so I'm going to stop in and see if I can help.  Well, I'd better go get ready so I can catch the train into the city.

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