Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Oh the places you can go....

I'm not sure if this would really qualify as a bucket list, it's just places I would like to visit and some things I'd like to do at some point (don't worry, this is the short version *no really, it is*).
·         Walk the red carpet at a movie premiere
·         Stomp grapes for wine
·         Visit an active volcano (Japan 2006)
·         Touch an elephant outside of a zoo (Thailand 2011)
·         Stand on the Equator
·         Go to the Winter Olympic Games
·         Go to the Summer Olympic Games
·         Live in a house on the water
·         Work on a Cruise Ship
·         Learn to surf (Panama 2012)
·         Drive across the Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys
·         Drive down Route 1 Pacific Coast Highway in California
·         Drive from Monaco to Nice (France) in a convertible
·         Washington, D.C. – U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (2012)
·         Virginia – Arlington National Cemetery (2012)
·         San Francisco – see the Golden Gate Bridge (2008)
·         Swim in all 4 Oceans
    o   Atlantic (Virginia 2002)
    o   Pacific (Panama 2012)
    o   Indian (Western Australia 2017)
    o   Arctic
Travel the World!!!
·         Corcovado, Brazil (Statue of Christ Redeemer)
·         Ride a camel in Tombouctou, Mali
·         See a black rhinoceros in Zimbabwe
·         Visit the “Floating Gardens” of Xochimilco in Mexico City and visit the Aztec Ruins (Chichen Itza) in Mexico
·         Italy
    o   Rome - Coliseum, St. Peter’s & Pantheon (2007)
    o   Venice - St. Mark’s Basilica and a gondola ride (2007)
    o   Florence - Duomo, Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (2007)
    o   Milan – Il Duomo and The Last Supper by da Vinci
    o   Alberobello, Apulia
·         Bushmills, Antrim, Northern Ireland –Giants’ Causeway
·         Go sailing off the coast of Croatia
·         Greece – Acropolis, Parthenon
·         Paris, France - Tour the Louver, Notre Dame, and the Basillica de Sacre Coure (2005)
·         Haut-Normandie, France – Visit Mont-Saint-Michel
·         India - the Taj Mahal, Golden Temple of Amritsar, Jaisalmer Temple
·         Germany -Visit Neuschwanstein Castle and Hesse-Darmstadt (the city my ancestors
        immigrated from in Germany)
·         Spain (Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, Galicia)
·         Israel – Swim in the Dead Sea
·         Dublin, Ireland – visit the Guinness Factory (2007)
·         Visit temple ruins in Thailand (2011)
·         London, England - Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, British Museum, and Hyde Park/Kensignton Garden (2007)
·         See the Swiss Alps
·       Japan -   Visit the Kiyomizu Temple
·         Turkey - Visit the Hagia Sophia
·         Peru - See Machu Picchu
·         Russia - Tour St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin, St. Petersburg (see the Petrodvorets) and
·         Jordan – Visit Petra
·         Prague, Czech Republic – Visit the Old Town Square (2010)

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