Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 83

I didn't get the job at the Hewitt Cattle Company, so I'm a bit bummed at that.  It seemed like a really great job, working in the office of a family owned ranch....but I guess it wasn't meant to be.  Rachel called last night, just as I was getting back from walking the dogs.  She wanted to know if I was going to be at Jacob's 18th birthday party this afternoon.  I hadn't realized I was invited, and she thought I knew I was because Les was to have told me.  She had showed me the invitation in passing but I don't remember being told I should go and since his Birthday was on the 16th I had assumed the party had already passed anyway.  I suppose I should probably go, I have nothing better to do, but I barely know Jacob and certainly don't know any of his friends.  It's so completely out of my comfort zone, but how bad can it be right?

Well, I'm thinking about writing a post on Australian foods, but I haven't gotten up the courage to try Vegemite yet, so maybe I should try that first... The other Aussie foods I've tried I have really enjoyed, but nothing's more Australian than Vegemite.

Here's some Aussie news if you'd care to watch.

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