Thursday, May 22, 2014

Petsitting Adventures

Watching Pancho & Jordan during the day is no problem.  I take them on a walk in the morning and then again at night before dinner.  They behave pretty well between 6:30am and 9pm.  But for whatever reason, Jordan seems to think night time is the time to bark.  By 11:30pm every night I have to lock them both in the house so that at least they're (hopefully) not keeping the neighbors awake.  I've had tons of advice from friends on FB, so that's appreciated. Thankfully she's been getting better each night (or maybe I'm getting more tired so I'm sleeping through the noise) so I'm hoping tonight is a good night. 

I headed into town this morning to wander around a bit.  They call the Salvation Army "Salvo's" here, the sign above the store actually says Salvo. I ended up getting a DVD and a book from the library and then headed back to the house.  After changing the kitty litter and watering some of Les' flowers I decided it was too nice an afternoon to go back inside.  So, I decided I'd go ahead and do some weeding of her flower beds.
 Thankfully these weeds (they're everywhere) are super easy to pull. I'm starting to realize there's a good chance I could be bored rather quickly.  Other than reading and watching TV or movies, I'm not sure what else there is to do.  I'm hoping someone at church on Sunday can suggest some things, or maybe knows of a place I could volunteer for a few hours a day or a week.  I did get a text from Lesley asking how things were going and letting me know they missed me.  She said she has an Italian couple coming next week and they love to cook, so hopefully that works out for her.

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