Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The latest news....or lack there-of

Well, nothing too inspiring has happened of late.  The boys started piano lessons so I've been sitting around the house reading a book waiting for the delivery man to show up with the piano stand.  We had open house yesterday morning, a couple from Sydney had flown in to look at some houses in the area and Lesley's was one of them.  So, yesterday was cleaning and waiting, then this morning was a bit of cleaning and then mostly waiting.  I'm reading "The Bourne Identity" and as usual, it's quite different from the movie, but also quite captivating.

I did get a text from my friend Jennifer and her and Tom should be in Adelaide either tonight or tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have some time to go meet up with them while they're in town.  I'm not sure how long they're planning on staying since Perth is their ultimate destination and they're driving...  Anyway, it will be nice to catch up with them both again and hear about their adventure so far.  I hear that the Penguins are in the playoffs, so that's always a good thing :)  Unlikely I'll get to see any of the games though because ice hockey is pretty much a non-existent sport in Australia so probably isn't on any of the TV stations.

I got an email from Dick today, so I'll be moving up to Gawler on the 13th of next week.  I'm trying not to have anxiety about being in charge of their home and dogs, and having to drive their car.  Sometimes I think I'm crazy for thinking I could do this and then I remember I'm not 18, (even though I still feel that way most of the time) and I'm perfectly capable.  Well maybe not "perfectly" capable, but I know I'll manage.  So I've got about seven weeks to figure out what I'll be doing in July.  I'm sure Lesley would take me back if she still hasn't sold her home, but I'm not really sure I want to go back.  At this point I'm thinking about going to some hotel in the outback to work.  You get paid and you get food and accommodation, so that kills 3 birds with one stone.  I'm sure the work isn't easy, but it would be different and it would definitely be an adventure.   Plus there would be no kids involved (I hope).  Anyway, that's all assuming I can get such a job - I'm not sure how sought-after such jobs would be, but I guess I'll cross that bridge in a few more weeks when I start searching and applying for such jobs.  I think Jane would definitely hire me if they had openings, but I think I'd rather go somewhere else, I'd have already stayed in South Australia for about 2 months, so I feel like I should move on.  Well, that's pretty much all my ramblings for the moment.  LET'S GO PENS!

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