Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Oh What A Night

My expectations of my first night started out about how I expected them to be.  I fed the dogs as soon as Dick & Les left and then reheated some leftovers for dinner.  I knew that I would probably have a bit of trouble getting Polly, the cat, into the bedroom when I was ready for bed.  Thankfully, I was able to get her lured into the room after about 20 minutes or so of trying.  I think it helped that I hadn't fed her dinner when I fed the dogs, so she was a bit hungry and eventually realized the food was in the room.  The trick of course was to keep the dogs from going into the room first and eating it all.  I guess I should explain that the only reason I have to lock Polly into the bedroom is because she's recovering from surgery on her leg and isn't allowed outside.  So, in order for the dogs to be able to use the doggy door (in the laundry room) she has to be locked in so I can leave the laundry room door open all night.  For whatever reason Jordan decided she didn't feel like sleeping inside for the night.  Around 2am I woke up because I heard a dog barking.  That was unusual, they're usual asleep on Dick & Les' bed, so I got up to check on them.  She wouldn't stop barking so I made them come inside and closed the laundry room door so that if they kept barking at least they'd be less likely to keep the neighbors awake.  No such luck, she kept barking and around 4am it sounded like she was back outside barking!  I got up again and sure enough, they were both back outside.  I must not have shut the door tight enough.  She did bark a few more times after I brought them back inside, but thankfully I did finally get a few hours sleep.  There had better not be a repeat performance tonight, but considering they've both been sleeping most of the day I have a feeling there could be one.

After having a lovely chat with my sister while taking the dogs for their morning walk I had some breakfast and started cleaning.  I'd been itching to clean this house since I arrived on Tuesday.  I know I'm a bit of a neat freak, and I'm not saying they're unclean people, but Les was having a lot of arthritis trouble and could barely use her hands most days for the last few weeks, so cleaning had fallen a bit by the wayside.  With two dogs and a cat inside it was definitely not up to my standards.  Thankfully Les told me before she left that I could clean to my hearts content.  Now the kitchen cupboards have been wiped down, the floors all swept and vacuumed, and the bathroom 98% hair free.  Sadly, her vacuum didn't exactly measure up to my expectations after using Lesley's awesome, new Dyson....
But a little known side benefit of such an old vacuum is how heavy it is to push.  Who knew vacuuming could be such a good workout?

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