Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rainy days

The weather is now back to cold and rainy.  I was thoroughly enjoying the sunshine and warmer temperatures of last week, but I know they need all the rain they get here in SA.  Most of yesterday (and today) were spent working on my speech and powerpoint presentation for the Rotary meeting.  It's coming along pretty well, I think.  Hopefully I can somehow keep it short, but make it flow from topic to topic and make it interesting.  Right now it feels a bit choppy, gotta work on my topic transitions. Anyway, I had a few apples that I thought were going to go bad soon, so I decided I'd try to make some sort of apple crisp.  I didn't have a recipe, but I knew what basically goes into an apple crisp, and figured it couldn't turn out too horribly wrong.  I was right, it didn't turn out horribly wrong, but it also didn't turn out like an apple crisp either.  Not sure if it was the lack of real butter, the type of muesli/oatmeal I used, or not enough apples. Since it's so dry I'm going to assume it was the apple to oatmeal ratio.
It turned out more like a granola (the muesli I used had dried raisins and apricots) with half-dried apples added, but as you can see I still think it tastes great.  There are worse things I could snack on, right? Well, Jo has invited me to go watch a Netball game tonight, so you can all look forward to that post tomorrow.  It's apparently a version of basketball (girls don't play basketball here girls basketball isn't as popular).

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