Sunday, May 11, 2014

Waterfall Gully & Port Adelaide

Since Lesley’s foot is broken we had some trouble thinking of something to do Saturday afternoon.  In the end she decided we should head to Waterfall Gully.  We didn’t have too much trouble getting the boys into the car (because they were playing Mine Craft on the ipad), but once Magnus realized we were actually heading somewhere he threw a tantrum.  We got out of the car and despite Magnus crying and moaning we made the 100m trek to the waterfall.
 After a quick visit we then headed to the Utopia café to get tea and biscuits.   They were delicious; I should have thought to take a photo of them when they arrived because they were picture perfect: warm from the oven, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and served with some strawberry jam and cream – tasty.  Thankfully the boys ran off and played for a bit and left us to our biscuits in peace.  We decided to head home and shortly after we returned Ally and the girls stopped by to have the boys give Lesley her Mother’s Day presents.  After their visit we had the usual evening, convince the boys to do their reading and piano, convince the boys to eat their dinner…  Boring stuff.

After church yesterday they had a pancake lunch as a fundraiser for their mission’s projects this month.  I met two more lovely women and when the lunch was over they offered to take me for coffee in the city or something since I was on my own.  Since it was most likely my last Sunday I said my goodbyes to Torrey & Liz and Doug & Rosalie.  Rosalie said that if I needed a place to stay if/when I come back, they have a spare room I could stay in.  Torrey told me he’ll still be on the lookout for a job for me in hopes I’ll come back to Adelaide as well.  Everyone at the church is so wonderful and hospitable; they’re such an example of how to treat visitors.  Hossein had been asking to meet up all week but between his work schedule and my lack of a schedule it just hadn’t happened.  Since Lesley and the boys were at a friend’s for lunch I knew I’d have a few hours after church free, so we decided to head to Port Adelaide to check it out. We went to The Fisherman’s Wharf Market to look around and then wandered around town a bit. 
During our conversations I found out that today in Iran is actually Father’s Day, which I found a bit funny.  I also discovered that the weekend in Iran is actually on Thursday and Friday.  Since Lesley’s text simply said she wanted help getting homework done when they got back I had no idea what time I should be there.  I figured 3:30pm was a safe time and when they still weren’t home I decided to take a walk around North Adelaide and get some photos of the beautiful homes in the area before I left.  
They still weren't home when I got back so I listened to one of Pastor Dave's sermons while uploading and tagging some photos on my computer.  Once they got home we managed to get some reading done and they got a hair cut and a batch - even managed to get some dinner into them as well.  Monday's they have to be up early for piano lessons in the morning, so they went straight to bed after dinner.  That was about the extent of my weekend – hard to believe I only have a few days left until the next phase of my adventure.

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