Friday, May 9, 2014

An Australian Tupperware Party

Lesley broke her foot the other night, just a small fracture, and she decided she didn't want a cast, so she's just hobbling around.  It's quite bruised but she's doing pretty well with it all.  Not much has gone on the last few days, but we did have a Tupperware party last night.  It's Tupperware Australia's 53rd Birthday last week, so there were lots of special deals and what not so I think she did pretty well on sales.  Anyway, the party went pretty well I guess.  There were only 2 other kids and all four of them behaved quite well (at least in terms of their behavior at the last party).  They watched TV the whole time so I just made sure they had snacks and checked in on them occasionally.  The party was a bit boring, but then Ally showed up and she had no interest in the Tupperware either so we stood in the kitchen and chatted.  She's so incredibly nice and certainly seems to understand my situation.  She said to me that she told Lesley that if she wanted to have me back (which Lesley does, she's told me so repeatedly) that she'd have to pay me and give me set days to watch the boys and what not.  She asked about Gawler and if I could afford to live up there by myself or if they'd have to send me care packages.  A friend of hers, I believe she said he's in his 60's lives up there (he's good friends with JR) and she would make it a point to come up sometime and all of us go out to dinner so we could be introduced.  She really is quite thoughtful - she also made sure to get a card for the boys to sign for Mother's Day and said she'd be by later today to give Lesley a little Mother's Day gift.  She is such a good friend to Lesley.

Another friend of Lesley's lives in Gawler and her and her daughter were at the party so I met them.  The woman said she'd try to have me over for dinner some night.  Then another friend of Lesley and her daughter Hillary were there (they live a few blocks over I believe because I've seen the girl walking a few times) and the mother and Lesley conspired to get the son James to take me out some night.  I think he's 22 and  Hillary seemed to think he was a bore and I wouldn't like it.  Oh the things people do when trying to be helpful.  Hillary is probably about 15 I'd guess and quite chatty so we talked for a bit (this was before I knew Lesley and her mom were conspiring against me while I was occupied talking with Hillary).  Thankfully, I'm leaving for Gawler on Tuesday, so I think I'm gonna get out of this blind date.

Anyway, everyone seemed to take forever to leave.  I was quite tired and did my best to clean up without making people feel like they had to leave.  I'd basically finished and only two people remained so by 11pm I said I was going to bed - the three of them were sitting down and looked like them might talk for hours, so I knew I'd best take my chance and head to bed.  Thankfully there wasn't too much to clean up this morning before the open house.  Since the kids had stayed confined and the party was all in the kitchen and dining room what little mess there was to clean was contained.  Not sure what the plan for the rest of today will be, but I think Lesley wants to go do something so we'll see what she comes up with.

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