Friday, August 1, 2014

Training Day

I finally managed to get a library card this morning!  Apparently getting a temporary library card in Cairns costs $37 unless you can prove you are a resident.  Thankfully they told me how and it's super easy (at least for me it was).  All I had to do was go onto my online banking and change my address, print a statement off and take it in to the library.  So now I can finally get some books to read and as an added bonus I get more computer data.  Since my new hostel has free wifi (that isn't usually too bad) the internet isn't as big of a deal now.  Anyway, I had my first training shift as receptionist today and it went pretty well.  A bit boring actually, which in the end I think will make it harder.  We only checked in two people, so I didn't get much practice at that.  Alicia, the girl who trained me, is Korean so there are some notes in English, but not a ton.  I have training with her again tomorrow and then on Sunday she'll be there, but basically just in case I need her for something.  The software system they use seems quite simple, so it's just a matter of remember all the non-computer steps.  Next week I'll train on the morning shift duties and apparently the morning shift goes by much faster because it's usually busier.  So, that's pretty much my only update.  Yesterday was spent mostly at the lagoon, joined in part by Emma, a friend from my other hostel in Cairns (and the girl who went to volleyball on Monday with me).  Still no luck on the job search, but I'm still plugging away!

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