Saturday, August 16, 2014

Walkin' on Sunshine

We had a beautiful sun-shiny day here in Cairns, it felt like we hadn't had one in so long.  Granted, it is winter here.... Anyway, after getting off work and having some lunch I headed to the lagoon. Emma met me there for a bit so we got some Vitamin D and chatted before she had to go back and get ready for work.  We went to volleyball last night, since it had stopped raining a bit earlier in the day, and that was a lot of fun, I'll probably head out there tonight as well, sadly, without Emma.  It's nice to have someone to chat with while waiting to get on a team.  She's been a good friend.  We don't have all that much in common I don't think - well except for volleyball, but we seem to have similar schedules and not too many other friends, so it's been really good.  Slowly starting to recognize what I'll call the regulars on the volleyball courts.  There's quite a few people who are there just about every night, so I'm starting to learn some names along with their faces.  Some people are just passing through though, so I learn their name and we play together 2 or 3 nights and then I never see them again.  Oh well, I guess it's good practice for my memory anyway.  When Emma and I go to volleyball together we always try to compare notes at the end of the night so we can learn more people's names.  We usually end up on different teams so we meet different people.  Well, nothing too exciting to report, but starting Monday I'll be busy all week with chaperoning for Nova, the Japanese language school where I'm hoping to get a job (hoping I got the job).  So it will be a very busy week.  I should spend some of my time training for the possible position though, and the training is paid, so it's not totally volunteer I guess.  If they're going to train me I feel like the job must be mine, but since they can't guarantee they'll have enough students to actually need me as one of the teachers I don't know how it all will work out.  I think it will be really fun though, so hopefully they get more students.  I sat in for about an hour each day (on Thursday and Friday) with the current class and they were all so sweet.  What can I say, I just love Japanese people.

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