Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Endorphins make you happy

We live and learn.  Monday was not exactly the highlight of my time in Australia, but thankfully it was able to end on a good note.  In the midst of my drama on Monday I had also moved hostels because on Friday I'm to start my "Work for Accommodation" at my new hostel.  Emma, a girl from my previous hostel in Cairns, had told me earlier last week that if she didn't have to work she wanted to go to the volleyball clinic they have on Monday nights.  It had rained off and on all day but was just starting to look decent so I texted her to see if she still wanted to go.  I'd already been feeling so bummed all day that I was going to chance a bit of rain and go, just to get "out of the house" as they say.  Luckily for me she still wanted to go.  It was a really small group this week so we got lots of playing time and I really enjoyed myself.  Nothing like a little exercise and time with other people to get your mind off your troubles.

So for now I'm spending my days at the library using the internet to aid my job search and the lagoon trying to get a tan (which as many of you know is a near impossibility, but at least I'm getting my Vitamin D).  I'm actually looking forward to starting "work" on Friday, so hopefully I enjoy it.  Tonight is AquaZumba at the lagoon, maybe I can convince Noelle (a new Canadian friend at this hostel) to try it with me....

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