Monday, August 11, 2014

Feeling Hopeful

Today has been pretty great so far.  I got up early (ok, that part wasn't that great) and headed down the street to go have a chat at Meldrum's Pies in hopes that they hadn't filled the Shop Assistant position I'd seen advertised over the weekend.  I feel like they post a job and then the first decent person that walks through the door they hire, so I arrived not 5 minutes after they opened.  I was told that they really don't want to hire a backpacker (wish that was the first time I'd heard that) because they ever seem to hold up their end of the bargain.  Stinkin' backpackers ruining it for the rest of us who actually mean what we say and stand by our word.... After a short chat she did ask to take my resume anyway, just in case.  While that may not sound like much, that is the first time anyone has ever agreed to keep my resume.  So that made me feel hopeful.  Then, after a bit of internet/computer frustration (attempting to skype so I could see everyone) I was able to just call and talk to my girls who are having a fabulous vacation in Florida with two of our aunts.  It was fun to catch up and hear about their vacation fun.  After we finished our call I headed back to reception with my computer to get back online and check emails and job search - the usual.  While sitting their I got a phone call out of the blue with some fantastic news!  I guess I should probably give some back-story.  A couple weeks ago while job searching I saw an add looking for volunteers to help out this next week with chaperoning Japanese students.  I emailed and told them that if I was still without work I'd be more than happy to volunteer.  They emailed back and said that they wanted to have a chat to go over things and we made plans to meet up tomorrow to talk about volunteering.  She called me this morning to ask if I'd found paid work yet (I'd already told her I was doing work for accommodation part-time), and I quickly replied that no, I hadn't found any yet.  She then told me that she'd had someone quit on her this morning and they had an opening for teaching English to Japanese students!  PAID WORK!  I told her I would most definitely be interested, so she was going to talk to her boss in Japan and hopefully when we meet tomorrow I can learn more about the position and will have a job offer!

After that lovely news I decided to head down to Xtreme Travel to use their fancy-schmancy computers to skype with the girls.  They have great internet and new computers, plus by now I was pretty sure they'd be open.  This time we got to actually see each other and it was so fun to get to watch them all interact.  I even got to skype with my parents & crickett for a few minutes before I had to head back to the hostel for my afternoon reception shift.  It's been a pretty slow afternoon (read: boring) so far - hence why I'm blogging now instead of later.  I've got the time and nothing to do so I might as well use it!  I found a country radio station to listen to, seems to be mostly Australian artists so I haven't recognized many of the songs, but then again I've been out of the country music loop for so long they could be American and I just don't know them...  Hope you're having sunny summer days :)


  1. Last Wed you mentioned about how you didn't have much success writing a book. That may be so, but here's a thought. Locally we can buy a little book on Pittsburgh'isms, you know, words/slang that are native to the Pittsburgh area that you don't hear elsewhere such as "red up your room", "gum bands", etc. It would be interesting to hear of the local words/slang and their meanings that you have run across in your travels in Australia that are different from what you are used to here in Western PA. I'm sure that you have run across many that you had to learn.

    1. That's actually a pretty good idea, but sadly I haven't heard near enough phrases to make such a book. Plus, I've already seen a few different types of books like that - I might have to pick one up before I return home.... Thanks for the comment & idea!