Thursday, August 14, 2014

A rainy day off

Well, the interview went well and I think I've got the job, but at the same time they didn't really offer it to me.  They're paying me for the training and they're scheduling the training, so I'm not sure how to take it.  Anyway, Shoko (the woman running the office here in Cairns) told me I was more than welcome to come by during classes and visit to see how things run, so I went by this morning for about an hour.  The students are so nice.  I hope that I get the job, because I'm quite certain I would really enjoy it.  I'll probably stop by tomorrow for an hour or two as well.  At least they'll know I'm serious about the job since I keep coming even though I'm not getting paid!

It was starting to spit rain as I walked back from the school.  I had some lunch and then made myself comfortable on the balcony (ended up wrapped in a beach towel because of the weather) and read for most of the afternoon.  So, I really can't complain about the weather.  I'd have been more than happy to read the book while getting my Vitamin D, but at least I had a good book to keep me company.  Unless it starts to clear up in the next hour or so I will unfortunately be stuck at 3 nights of volleyball in a row.  I was sincerely hoping to break my record tonight, but that might not happen.  Emma and I had so much fun last night though.  Pukari (a guy we've played with a few times) came and so we chatted while waiting for a opening on one of the courts.  In the end two French guys and a German joined us so we were able to make a whole team and play the winners.  If you don't have a whole team you have to hope someone wants to stop playing so you can jump in and sometimes it doesn't happen for quite awhile.  People are usually quite good about stepping out and letting others join if they've played a few games.  Anyway, the 6 of us had a lot of fun and then ended up playing another team several times and we were quite well matched.  The one guy on the other team was quite amusing and had a running commentary, or at least something to say, all the time.  So, although both teams wanted to win, we all had great fun.  That's the only reason I go anyway, so it's nice to have a really fun evening.

The last two books I've read have been Jane Austen based or related, so I think my next book will be Persuasion, which I don't believe I've ever read.  I've got two more work shifts this week, so I'll probably have it finished by Monday.  Of course, if tomorrow is as rainy as today was it might be finished by Saturday!  Hopefully you all are having much better weather, but since I know Western PA, I wouldn't be surprised if you're not....

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