Saturday, August 16, 2014

La Cucaracha

Twice now, and I can only hope last night was the last time.  Where to begin...  Well, a couple nights ago I nearly freaked out because as I was shutting off the light in my room and walking out of the door when something really large caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.  It was a very large bug, and although I'm not certain, I think it was some type of cockroach in my room!  I held back my shriek and tried to stay calm.  It wasn't really in a spot where I could easily kill it with a shoe or flip flop and I wasn't certain if it could fly (the thought of it flying towards me makes me shudder even now).  I managed to get it to go out the door (by standing across the room and strategically throwing my flip flops to convince it to go out the door and not further into my room).  It went out into the hallway and I tried to kill it a few times but my flip flops weren't heavy enough and I didn't want to get too close.  It scuttled away and down into a gap between the floor and the door frame, so I had to content myself with it being out of my room.  Then last night there was another one!  Or perhaps the same one had returned to taunt me, I'm not entirely certain.  This time I was calmer and even took the time to get a photo of it to try to show you how big it really was, but I'm a bit disappointed because he looks so small in the photo!
 He was much further from the door, but this time I was determined to kill him.  I managed to use my flip flops again to herd him towards an open area where I'd have a good chance of giving him a good whack with my tennis shoe.  The first shot didn't totally kill him but at least he couldn't run (or fly) away from me so I hit him again, flicked him into the garbage can and quickly went to get a shower.

The real reason for my shower was because I'd just returned from about 3 hours of beach volleyball and despite what they tell you, girls do sweat.  Or at least this girl does.  It was a fun night despite flying solo (Emma had to work).  Thankfully, Wilson (a guy who I'd played with before and who is quite funny) sort of took me under his wing and got me to play with him and his friends so that was really nice.  When a lot of people are waiting you 2 teams play a game and if you lose you sit out and then another 6 people play the winner.  Wilson and his friends are quite good so I actually got to play for a long time.  About half-way through the night Pukari showed up and we ended up sitting out at the same time so we chatted for a bit.  We first met weeks ago at the Monday night volleyball clinic thing and I think I've mentioned him before, but as I said yesterday, I meet so many people that I can't possibly keep track of who has been included in my blog.  He joined our team for a few games and then I finally had to call it a night.  I'd been up since 5:30am and had to be up early-ish for church this morning.  Those three hours might have been to much for me, I was definitely limping a bit on my walk home, but thankfully feel totally fine this morning.  Well, that's been my excitement, and I certainly hope I don't get the opportunity to experience any more Australian wildlife in my room again any time soon.  I'm hoping they're coming in through the window (there's no screen and it's too warm to keep it shut all the time).  Crawling through an open window seems much less sinister than crawling through a crack in the floor or it would have to be a really large crack.

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  1. So proud of you for getting it!! I'm sure we'd have heard the shriek from here. :) Getting the bugs from the shower at home have paid off.