Saturday, October 18, 2014

Port Douglas Day Trip

Pukari has been talking about making the drive up to Port Douglas for nearly a month, and Emma and I were keen to go along, but it just hadn't happened.  We finally decided that today was the day, but unfortunately, everyone else had to work (Emma, Louis, and Caterina).  He and I still had great fun, I always find myself more content at the beach and Pukari is so chill it made it all the more enjoyable.  We don't have to talk constantly and we enjoy the same taste in music so it was good.  The drive up there is mainly on a road that hugs the coastline so it gives you the most fantastic views of the water and coast.
Scenic Overlook on the Captain Cook Highway
  Port Douglas's beach, which sadly has the uninspiring name of Four Mile Beach, is beautiful and after stopping at a few different spots along the beach (his friend had a photo of the beach with stairs in it and we were attempting to find the stairs, but were not succeeding) decided to just give up the search.  I had packed a picnic lunch so we decided we'd just eat and go lay on the beach.  It turns out that the spot we picked ended up being the right place after all!! There was a hillside a couple hundred yards from where we walked onto the beach and it had steps leading up to the top.  We can only assume that was the spot of the infamous photo and there were some great views of the beach from the top.
 I did some reading, we took a walk, soaked up some was a delightfully lazy day.  After a quick walk through some of the shops in town we headed back towards Cairns.  With the sun starting to set the drive back was just as beautiful, if no more beautiful.  We did a few more stops at some little beach breaks on the way back so I got plenty of photo opportunities.  This area of Australia is definitely a tropical paradise.

We arrived back in Cairns around 6pm and since I was already covered in sand I decided I might as well go play some volleyball.  It was a pretty quiet night on the courts (for a Saturday), but I hadn't been there much during the week so that was fine by me.  I had to work early in reception tomorrow morning though, so I couldn't stay too long.  I don't teach next week so hopefully I'll get plenty of time at the courts.

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