Friday, October 10, 2014


Despite being thousands of miles away my amazing sisters still thought of me while doing our annual pumpkin carving event that I sadly had to miss this year.
Missing In Australia
It's events like those that make me miss home, well, not so much the event itself, but the people and the fun I know I would have had.  Yesterday was an interesting day.  While sitting in the library a young man started chatting me up, well, whispering technically because we were in the library.  His name is Rav (his real name is about 30 letters long, so that's his nickname), he's 23 and in his last year of Med School at James Cook University. In Australia you can start med school straight from highschool so it only takes 6 years.  He asked what I do for fun and I told him I play volleyball pretty much every night.  He said he'd been there a couple Fridays ago and didn't remember seeing me.  He said sports aren't his thing though and probably wouldn't be back.  By the end of our 20 minute conversation we were FB friends and he invited me to go to the beach this weekend.  I told him I'd think about it.  Another fun night at volleyball, played some more 2-on-2 but this time it was the first 3 games I played of the night so I wasn't as tired.  It was a really fun night and I actually remember to take my camera with me, so now you can get a tiny glimpse of what my volleyball nights are like:

I also got a text from Lesley last night just checking in and telling me about their school holidays; they traveled to the UK and Hawaii.  She said if I was still planning on going to New Zealand I could come back to Australia on a visitor visa and stay with them again.  I guess they were somewhere the other day and the boys told her I had taken them there or something so that's what prompted her text.  Always nice to have options...


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  2. It great to get caught up on your blog and view your life experiences through your eyes!
    Keep the Lord first and we'll be praying that Michael makes good on his promise to go to church with you.

    1. Thank you for the prayers. I ended up having to work Sunday morning and didn't make it to church. Neither of them asked to go again anyway. Jason moved out (haven't seen him in a few days), and I'm not sure how much longer Michael will be here either. But they could definitely still use the prayers.