Thursday, October 16, 2014

Busy Week

We went to the movies Tuesday afternoon/evening to see "Gone Girl" and I can definitely say that it's not a movie any of you should waste your time viewing.  Not the worst movie I've ever seen, but a very dark (and strange, but at the same time semi-intriguing) story-line and too much sex.  Anyway, I got back with enough time to stop by volleyball for a little over an hour before having to head back and get to bed because I was working reception Wednesday morning.  After my shift in reception I had a lovely phone call with my favorite perpetual 10-year-old, it was hard to believe we hadn't talked in over a month!  I'm not always that good at keeping in contact with people on an individual basis, especially when I'm blogging.  After our chat I then decided to head to the library to write up a blog post.  As you now know, that didn't happen.  I was looking through the newspaper racks to do a quick skim through the current events (I try to stay informed every now and then) I saw Louis, so I took my newspaper over to his table to say hello.  Of course we chatted for a bit, but then I read my newspaper and he started to study - you know, the whole reason we both were in the library in the first place.  I finished my newspaper, turned on my computer and had just started getting ready to type up a post when he asked if I wanted some lunch.  It was about 3:30pm and I hadn't really eaten lunch, but wasn't really hungry either; I tried explaining this to him, but he just said, "Come on, let's go."  Not one to make waves I dutifully turned off my computer and followed him out of the library.  It's hard to talk in the library and he decided talking to me is just as good as reading/studying his English text book.  We had Vietnamese soup at one of his favorite spots and talked until it was time for him to go to work.  He rushed off to work and I rushed off to meet Pukari and Caterina.  We'd decided to participate in the Leukemia Foundation's Light the Night event.  Caterina's friend Simona also joined us and she was an absolute delight.  She has a fantastic sense of humor and her classic Italian accent made everything seem funnier to me.  We had a lot of fun together and really enjoyed taking part in the walk.
 There were White, Gold, and Blue lanterns: white for those with Leukemia, gold for those remembering a loved one with leukemia, and blue for the general supports.

This morning (Thursday) was my last day with Hiro-san.  He's such an enjoyable gentleman to teach and is a very interesting person.  He owns a pharmacy in Kawasaki City and is also certified in Chinese Medicine (trained in China).  He was telling me about some of his patients and what it's like to practice Chinese Medicine in Japan.  He can only do consultations, he can't actually examine the patients, because his license isn't recognized in Japan.  He also loves to scuba dive and has been to Cairns 6 times previously on scuba diving trips.  He has also been to Micronesia, Hawaii, Chuuk,and some others I can't remember, for scuba trips.  He enjoys making short movies of his trips and he showed Shoko and me a couple videos from his previous excursions on the Great Barrier Reef.

After teaching today I spent the afternoon with Rav at Crystal Cascades where we did a bit of swimming in some very cold water.
 On a disgustingly hot summer day in Cairns the water would feel fantastic.  After our visit there we headed to a Holloway Beach and sat talking for a bit.  At times I felt as if I was being interrogated, but in the politest and most I'm-truly-interested-in-your-answer way.  He's very easy to talk with and we definitely have a lot more in common than I would have thought on our first meeting.  He'd like me to meet his friends (or mates, as he calls them - he's pretty much Australian after all) and wants to hang out next week.  I already told him that I've been told I'm a heart-breaker and he knows I'm not staying in Cairns much longer, so I feel as if he's been dully warned.  Well, it's getting late and I'm working reception tomorrow morning, so I guess that's all you're getting for now.

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