Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Louis' Dinner Party

Yesterday was a pretty laid back day, I didn't do much.  I'm supposed to be moving rooms in my hostel again, but the room they want me to move into wasn't quite ready.  It came about in a conversation with Lou which they wanted me to move into and he said, "Who did you make mad?"  I just laughed and said I had no idea.  He showed me the two rooms beside the one I'm to move into and said I should tell Tim I want one of them instead.  Of course I couldn't do that, but I did go in to reception to check with Tim or Jay and see what they wanted me to do.  I ended up sitting in reception and using my computer there for most of the afternoon.  I chatted with Jay and Hyun off and on throughout the afternoon and at one point Hyun came over and set a coke and some cookies on the table for me!  I've smiled and said hello to him every time I've seen him for the last 2 months, but until yesterday hadn't really ever spoken with him.  Then around 4pm Jay held up some packets of a Korean-style ramen noodle and asked if I liked them.  I told him I'd never tried it, and he said, "I'm sure you'll like it, all my friends in Houston loved these."  I smiled and nodded and about 10 minutes later got up to leave.  I told Jay I'd see him later and he said, "you can't leave, Hyun is making noodles!"  Korean's are so nice! I sadly had to tell him that I was going to Louis' house for dinner (he knows Louis) and Jay replied, "Just eat a little bit."  It's rude to turn down food in almost every culture of the world, and I'm assuming it's the same in Korea.  The three of us sat down and I tried a little bit (well, I took a little bit and then Jay gave me more) and it was really quite tasty.  

Pukari arrived and we headed over to Emma's hostel to pick her up and head off to Louis'.  We had a Korean style BBQ (much like the one I had at Kimchi & Richy when Sam & Lisa left) on his back porch.  It was a delightful evening with way too much food (especially when I'd already been eating all afternoon!).  Louis wouldn't let me help with the dishes, so the three of us sat looking through the circulars and ads while listening (and sometimes singing along) to Louis' iPad playlist.  Pukari had brought an Ottogi Korean pancake mix, so despite already eating way too much at dinner (and then Louis cutting us some fresh fruit), Louis and I attempted to make the pancakes for dessert.
 The directions were completely in Korean (hence, Pukari couldn't make them by himself at home) and something must have gone wrong in the translating (or the photos on the back are a lie) because the batter didn't turn out like a dough.  You were to make a hole in the middle of the dough-ball and fill it with a peanut and brown sugar filling that turned carmel-y once cooked.  Since we ended up with a batter consistency "filling" the pancakes was a bit tricky.  Louis did an excellent job getting them to have filling in the middle and they turned out quite well anyway.  They were messy to make, as you can imagine, but also fun.  Everyone always has crazy work schedules, but I told them some morning they'd all have to come over to my hostel and I'd make some American-style pancakes (Emma & Pukari both love pancakes).  So maybe next week we'll have a Pancake-Palooza :)

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