Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Clifton Beach

I did decide to take Rav up on his offer to go to the beach Sunday afternoon.  This was after consulting my girls and Pukari as to the wisdom of such a move (I'd only known him for 20 min when he first asked me, and then he texted the next day to ask if I definitely wanted to go).  As Pukari said, "Just do it! Go to the beach tomorrow and if it doesn't work out you've make a friend!"  It turned out to be quite fun and I definitely have a new friend.  We have some random things in common (such as an affinity to Florida-Georgia Line and a distaste for clubbing and the TV show Mad Men), it was a very chill afternoon.  He's very intelligent and seems to have a good head on his shoulders for a 22 year old.  Since he's almost a Doctor he gave me a great explanation of the Australian medical system and the difference between private and public hospitals.  On the drive back he asked if I'd like to go to the movies on Tuesday with him and he also asked if I liked trivia.  I haven't been to the movies in a long time so I said yeah that sounded fun, and I love trivia so I told him I was definitely interested in that.  Him and a bunch of his med school mates go to a local pub for their trivia night so he said he'd text me next time they're going and if I'm free I can join them.  If you recall (I'm assuming I blogged about it), I did a trivia night in Adelaide when Jennifer and Tom visited - we had a ton of fun, but were terrible at it because it was mainly Aussie trivia.  I got back in just enough time to grab a super quick shower, make a PB&J sandwich and get to church for the evening service.  From there I headed to volleyball and, of course, had a lot of fun.  It was a great group that I ended up playing with and I never had to sit out a game, so that was nice.

Monday morning (yesterday), despite being the one day I didn't have to wake up early, I was up at 5am (it was raining and there's a broken gutter that gushes water onto a tin roof and it's quite noisy).  Oh well.  I had a lovely chat with the family during my weekly phone call home and had the pleasant surprise of Aunt Cindy & Aunt Rosie being at my house during the call so I got to talk with them as well.  After the two hour phone call it had cleared up and was sunny so I decided to go for a swim.  After lunch I called my lovely cousin-sister Heather and had a nice talk with her; we're making plans to visit Europe when I get home.  By the time 4:30pm rolled around it was raining again - I wasn't sure if they did the volleyball clinic in the rain so I didn't go.  By 6:15 it had cleared up so I decided to go for a run to the courts and if anyone was there I'd stop and play, if not I'd just finish my run and come back.  There were only maybe 5 people when I ran by the first time, but on my way back past Louis, Nina, and Moses were standing there chatting so I stopped to talk.  I ended up sitting there talking with Louis (Pukari showed up for awhile and chatted before he had to go to work and Nina and Moses headed to the Night Markets) until 9:30pm when I finally said I had to go because of work this morning.  Well, I'm running out of time and Rav will be here soon to head to the movies.  I'll have to blog later about my student this week and the movie we're going to see.  I have no idea what it's about, but hopefully I like it.

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