Thursday, October 9, 2014

♬♪ Days Go By ♪♬♪

The walk back from volleyball last night was lovely: the full moon shining over the water, clouds just behind the mountains and illuminated from behind by the moon, and the tide was in so the water was lapping at the shore.  A solitary walk, but I could help but feel rather content - being around water has that affect on me, I'm not sure why.  Plus, my moments of contentment, when I'm cognizant of actually being content, seem so rare that I do my best to savor them.

It was so hot yesterday, I'm trying not to think about the fact that it's still technically spring here and will only get hotter and more humid!!  Due to the weather I spent the majority of my day at the library.  When I returned after lunch I ran into Louie and a few minutes later Rith showed up as well.  We all sat at one of the tables chatting (as quietly as we could) for about 20 minutes or so, then Rith had to head off to call the electrician or something.  Rith finally got his wrist straightened and a new cast put on so he was excited about that.  For some reason the doctors decided to put his wrist in a cast, but with it bent, so it was really awkward for him.  Anyway, I was able to help Louis with some of his English studies and was remind again that just because you speak a language doesn't mean you can teach it (and yes, I realize I'm currently getting paid to teach).    I'm definitely considering, rather seriously, getting my degree or certificate in TESOL when I get back home.  I don't really want to go to school (mainly because it curtails my travel opportunities), but I think it's worth the effort.

I ran into Ari at the grocery store and he wants to rematch Ben and Katia (not surprising at all).  He asked what I was cooking for dinner and because I was making Mexican Chicken & Rice I got the random tid-bit that his parents own a Mexican restaurant back in Germany.  That definitely surprised me.  Anyway, I didn't end up playing on his team at volleyball later on, and since I had to work this morning didn't stay late enough for us to get our rematch.  I did play some 3-on-3 with Wally and a new guy Toby against Rachel, Ben, and Toby's friend (never caught his name).  Despite leaving volleyball early and sleeping the whole night through, 5:30am came much too early.  I was to train a new receptionist today, but he never showed up, so my anticipation of an easier week next week (because Tim wouldn't need to cover reception) was wasted.  I'm definitely feeling the effects of all these late nights and early mornings (especially when the early mornings were unintended!).  Day off on Monday....

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