Monday, September 15, 2014

Shall We Dance?

It was good fun, and I'm glad I went.  *In case you missed the previous posts about the ballroom dance lessons, you can find it here.*  I didn't really expect everyone to come, so I wasn't exactly surprised when only Lightt and his wife Lulu joined us.  She's very sweet, and is due in January with their first child.  She never comes to volleyball, so it was nice to meet her.  Pukari knew all the dance instructors, they were old friend's of his.  I told him that we better not get made into the example couple since he knew what he was doing.  Thankfully, we never got put on the spot.  We started off with the waltz and everyone did several steps and then switched partners, so you end up dancing with everyone else in the room (well, all the other guys in the room).  It was definitely much easier (since I'm a girl), when my partner actually knew what he was doing, so basically when dancing with Pukari and one of his old friends who was helping out.  After we'd done the beginning steps of the waltz in a big circle we then moved on to just pairs and added to the degree of difficulty.  Once we'd worked on that for about an hour we then moved on to the Cha-Cha.  Definitely trickier, but also more fun to dance.  I don't think I'd have ever managed to pick it up if it wasn't for Pukari though.  Even when I messed up he didn't lose his place/step, so it made it easier to jump back in or just muddle through until I caught up.  Plus, he was able to repeat the demonstration of the steps after the instruction portion was over and we were to be practicing.  I don't know how Lightt and Lulu managed it - they must be gifted.  Anyway, it was great fun and Lightt & Lulu are planning on joining the class, so I think Pukari wants to join as well.  I asked him afterwards when the last time he'd danced was and he said it had been about 2 years and he was glad I'd made him do it again.  I, of course, quickly reminded him, that he was the one who'd asked me do it, not the other way around.  Anyway, I figure if he wants to go and is willing to put up with teaching me how then I'm fine with going.  It's a bit of variety from going to volleyball every night...

Today was my last day of teaching for about the next 4 weeks.  There are no students scheduled for next week and then there's the regularly scheduled 2 week break after that.  While walking through Cairns Central (the local mall) yesterday I'd noticed two stores with signs up that they were hiring, so after teaching this morning I went by and dropped off my resume.  No clue if I'll get the job, but it would be great to find another part time job to get some more cash.  Well, I'd better wrap this up and grab something to eat before volleyball tonight.  Cheers!

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