Wednesday, September 17, 2014

More work

This morning as I was making a cup of coffee I got a call from Shoko.  It seems that Romy is quite busy at her studio (she’s a photographer) and can’t teach tomorrow, so Shoko was wondering if I’d be able to fill in for her.  So, despite only having one student this week, God has still seen fit to give me more hours!  I didn’t have to work today, so I spent my afternoon by the pool reading a book called “All The Way Home” by Ann Tatlock.  I vaguely remember my mom making me read it in 8th grade, and also resenting being forced to read the book.  I have no idea why I remember that fact because for a girl who loved to read books it was odd that I didn’t want to read it.  And yet I also remember enjoying the book by the time I was half-way through.  I plopped down by the pool ready to get lost in my book and enjoyably passed the afternoon away.
 As you can see it’s a lovely little spot and is usually quiet during the day.  Sam and Jason did jump in for a few minutes at one point, but they only got me a tiny bit wet and I managed to keep the library book dry, so no harm done.

The training of the new girl in reception went tolerably well yesterday, but Alicia told me today (after the girl’s training with Alicia) that they had decided not to keep her.  So, we’re short staffed and Lisa will be leaving in another week or so as well, so we’ll be short two people.  If the hostel were doing better financially I’d hold out hope that they’d just pay me to help fill in some of the hours, but I don’t foresee that happening.  One of Alicia’s favorite treats that she shared with me one time is called pomanju (at least that's how it sounds).
 It’s a little chestnut filled cake that is very nice, but most definitely “asian” in my mind.  Having tasted what is dessert in Japan, this reminds me of the sweet, and yet somehow not sweet at all, flavor of their desserts.  I bought some the other day on my way back from the school (I pass a few Korean convenience stores), so I shared them with her and gave one to Pukari as well since he loves all things Korean.  Well, I guess that’s all the news here at the moment.

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