Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cairns Character List

I was asked, back when I was in South Australia, to add some sort of "Character List" to my blog so you all didn't have to search through old blog posts to remember all the people that I mention.  So, since I've met so many people thus far in Cairns I decided I'd go ahead and write you one - I'll try to update it as necessary.

  • Agatha (Korean) - former manager of my hostel, we did the farm tour together
  • Alicia (Korean) - trained me in reception work, Agatha's younger sister
  • Tim (Korean) - manager of the hostel and chef at the restaurant next-door
  • Ethan (Korean) - friend of Tim, worked in reception and lived at Bohemia with his fiance; they're back in Korea now
  • Jay (Korean) - helps out in reception and does some book-keeping work for the hostel.  Used to live in Houston and is going back to school to be an accountant.  He and his wife have 2 adorable little boys, Jun & Youll.
  • Lisa & Sam (Aussie) - they worked at the hostel, Lisa in reception and Sam in maintenance.  They're now back home in Tasmania after traveling around Australia in their camper van.
  • Lou (Aussie) - the hostel maintenance/allrounder guy (he doesn't live at Bohemia)
  • Matthew (British/Italian) - did the cleaning at night (working for accommodation)
  • Jason (Aboriginal) - lived at the hostel; has three daughters: Diane, Wilamena, & Rebecca
  • Thanh (German of Vietnamese descent) - worked briefly in reception; Working Holiday Visa
  • Pukari (a Cairns "native", but born in PNG) - friend I met at Volleyball
  • Jack (Aussie) - friend I met at Volleyball
  • Josh & Kunis (PNG) - brothers I met at VB; Josh is a senior and has a great sense of humor, Kunis is about 11 or 12 and has the sweetest smile
  • Scott, Cindy, Alec (Taiwanese) - Scott & Cindy are siblings, and they all usually come to volleyball together; WHV
  • Lightt & Lulu (Taiwanese) - I met Lightt at volleyball (he's friends with Scott & Alec), he and his wife Lulu joined the ballroom dance class with Pukari and I
  • Louis (Korean) - mutual friend with Pukari, met at volleyball; student visa
  • Rith (Cambodian) - friend of Pukari & Louis whom I met at VB.  He's lived in Australia for at least 20 years or so, and his hometown would be Melbourne.  We traveled to Tasmania & Melbourne together in January.
  • Caterina (Italian) - we met at volleyball, she's actually now a permanent resident and grew up not far from where I lived in Italy.
  • Wilson, Leroy, & Des (all from the Torres Straits) - all very good at volleyball, and yet still ask me to play with them.  
  • Stephanie & Tyeisha (Torres Straits) - Stephanie is a fantastic volleyball setter and has the most beautiful little girl, Tyeisha
  • Serina (Nina), Rob, Sweeny, Deba (Torres Straits/Cairns) - a family (cousins, siblings, etc.) who are great at volleyball, and Deba is a former pro-basketball player
  • Sam & Chulisa (Filipino) - father and son volleyball players who are both amazing, I can only imagine how good Chulisa will be once he's older
  • Jordan (Aussie) - crazy guy from volleyball, used to swear like crazy but I started yelling at him for it and after a few months he does much better (at least around me).
  • Stefan & Max (German) - volleyball friends
  • Jun (Japanese) - he's lived in Australia for the past 20 years or so; met at volleyball
  • Rav (Sri Lankan, but raised in NZ and Australia) - met at the library, in his last year of Med School at JCU
  • Shoko (Japanese) - my boss at Nova
  • Anne (Aussie) - teacher at Nova
  • Romy (Aussie) - teacher at Nova
  • Christa (Dutch) - friend from Cairns Girls Hostel
  • Emma (Taiwanese) - friend I met at Cairns Girls Hostel; WHV
  • Lily (Filipino) - a lovely (middle-aged) women I met at church, she's one of the greeters
  • Ruth & Jim (Aussie) - an older couple from church whom I've sat with on occasion and whom drove me home after evening service

 I couldn't decide if I should put them in alphabetical order or just keep them grouped by how I know them...  If there's any other helpful information you'd like me to add, just comment and let me know. 

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