Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I called Steve & Annette this morning to see when would be a good time to visit the boat and chat with them more about the trip.  I walked down to the marina and was a bit surprised by the size of the boat, but it was very clean and they are both very nice.  I really like Annette, and I'm sure I'd be fine with Steve for 6 weeks.  He smokes quite a bit though so I wasn't a big fan of that.  The sailing portion sounds awesome, I'd get to visit so many islands and he'd sign off on some sort of declaration at the end so I'd be able to get a position on another boat (apparently without these it's really hard to get your foot in the door, so to speak).  I'm just really not ready to leave Cairns... Plus, I have way too much luggage to fit into that tiny boat.  They only have 1 more female spot left on the boat, so I kind of need to decide soon.  I'm waiting on pricing for the bus trip down the coast so help with my decision, so hopefully they don't take too long in answering my email.

The ballroom class on Sunday night was fun, but Light & Lulu couldn't stay because they realized after they arrived that they'd left something on the stove and had to return home.  There was a distinct lack of females that night, so us girls got shuffled between all the guys.  Some of the guys are pretty good, so it wasn't too bad.  Louis and Rith had both said the night before that they would try to come, but neither of them showed.  Last night at volleyball was lots of fun, and Erin was there for the clinic this week.  She's a sweet young girl I met on my first visit to the volleyball courts, but she only comes to the Monday night clinics.  We spent a lot of time working on our spiking during the clinic and then later on in the evening Pukari and I worked on it as well, so I'm getting a bit more confident at hitting the ball over the net when I get a set from the front row.  I played a few games with a bunch of really good players, so on one hand you have to step up your game, but on the other they don't usually let you get the ball much.  Louis was there as well and he had a decent excuse for missing the dance class.  Plus, I found out he knows Agatha & Alicia - I guess him and Alicia went to language school together or something.  So that's my update.  Still no decision made, but I feel as if I'm a bit closer to a decision....maybe.

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