Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 200

Yesterday morning an interesting thing happened.  Well, I found the situation interesting.  I went down to the kitchen for breakfast and a Samoan gentleman who's staying here long term (Fuaao)was cooking his own breakfast when I walked in.  His English isn't very good, but I always smile and say hello when I see him.  Anyway, I went about making my coffee, toast and cereal.  I was finished with breakfast, and was washing my dishes when he showed me a plate with two eggs and some fried tomatoes and he told me it was for me!  Then he added some rice to it and made me some sort of hot chocolate (tasted as if it was sweetened with honey) and put it on the table for me.  He's such a sweet man, and there was no way for me to turn it down even though I'd already had a full breakfast!  He's asked me other days when he's been cooking if I'd like some, but it's always after I've eaten so I say no thank you.  Afterwards he was telling me, well trying to tell me, something about cooking the rice and cooking rabbit and chicken.  I think he might be a chef.  Anyway, I ended up going to the library to read the newspaper before I had to start my reception shift.  I never really sit through the news, sometimes I just pop into the TV room to catch the weather for the day, but that's about it, so I was feeling out of the loop.  Cairns is hosting the G20 Summit, so that starts this coming weekend.

So, there's a German guy (David) staying at the hostel for the past week or so, and we've chatted a few times here and there.  He came in to reception yesterday while I was working to ask if I'd help him write up a resume in English.  He had one in German, but wasn't sure if his English was good enough to create one on his own.  I of course told him I'd be happy to help, so after my dinner of leftovers from the Nova BBQ, we sat down to give it a shot.  He's so funny, and we managed to get one typed up and only had to use a translator once.  Him and his friend are trying to get some farm work, but haven't had much luck yet.

Today was pretty uneventful, went to church this morning, ran some errands, and then grabbed a bit to eat before starting my shift in reception.  Emma stopped by on her way back from the market, so that helped the day pass by a bit quicker.  Sadly, she doesn't want to come to the ballroom dance class with us tonight, even though she doesn't have to work.  She told me she tried it at university and doesn't like it, so I guess that's a pretty good reason.  Working at Nova tomorrow and then training Katie (new girl in reception) Tuesday morning...

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