Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day in a British Commonwealth

While yesterday was not my first 4th of July celebrated outside the U.S. it was my first celebrated in part of the British Commonwealth and my first to not actually be celebrated (I'm the only American).  Plus, it's freezing cold here.  Well, not literally, but I'm cold.  The don't have the same type of heating we do and their houses aren't insulated or sealed the same way those of us in the northern part of the Northern Hemisphere insulate and seal our homes.  Granted, the heat wasn't on in the house for most of the day yesterday so that certainly didn't help.

We ended up with a flat battery in the Jeep yesterday, which I thought was a bit strange. It hadn't been driven for about 5 weeks or so and I didn't have any trouble (thank God) getting it to start on Thursday when I went to pick them up at the airport.  In fact we drove it to the airport and back and then out to dinner with no trouble, but the next day as we were about to head out to lunch it wouldn't start.  It didn't take long for the RAA (their version of AAA) to send someone out with a new battery and we were on our way.  We had some fantastic pizza at Tenafeate Creek Wines.  The owner is Italian and the pizza's were definitely Italian quality.

Plans have changed a bit for their family, so I might end up leaving and going to stay with Doug & Rosalie in Adelaide until I fly up to Alice Springs on Tuesday morning, but it's still all rather up in the air.  Their son arrived early this morning to pick up his kids to take them on a vacation, well anyway, the kids might be staying here the weekend as well, so they really could use the extra bedroom I'm taking up.  Plans have a way of changing rather rapidly though, so who knows...  Trying to go with the flow, but as a general rule I do like to know where I'm staying from one night to the next.  I hope you've all enjoyed your Independence Day celebrations!

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