Thursday, April 10, 2014

More cleaning & gardening

I made tacos for dinner last night and both boys ate them without a fuss!  Leslie was quite happy about that, and the fact that she didn't have to cook.  I was just happy everything had turned out and that Aleksander had liked them.  Magnus doesn't seem to like much of anything, so I wasn't worried about him.  Not sure what I'll try next, maybe fajitas...they seem pretty easy.

I cleaned the house again this morning and then around 11:45am Leslie took me back to her late father-in-law's house to finish up the gardening/yard work.  The bins from last week had been emptied so I was free to fill them up again, this time mostly with lawn clippings and leaves.  Mowing the lawn was not a treat.  It's apparently ant infested and I kept having to stop and brush ants off me every couple minutes.  Plus, just knowing there have been ants crawling up your legs (thankfully I was wearing pants) makes you feel as if they're all over you - sometimes they had made it all the way up my legs and sometimes it was my imagination.  Anyway, by about 3pm I had filled both the bins back up so I texted Leslie and she asked if I could walk back because she was baking banana bread.  As most of you know, I'm directionally challenged, so I wasn't sure if that was such a good idea, but I told her if she gave me directions I'd give it a shot.  Thankfully we'd driven there twice before, so, with her directions and my memory, I was able to make it back without any major mishaps.   Torrey, one of the Pastors at church called last night and invited me to a BBQ celebration after the baptisms on Sunday.  Hopefully I can at least make the service, but I'd love to go to the BBQ as well.  I had yesterday off so I'm not sure if I could have most of Sunday off as well or not.  I think Dorthy and her husband are watching the boys on Sunday, so I would think it shouldn't be a problem, but who knows.

In other news, I finished my first book and thought that in light of my interest in random facts and my present residence in Australia, that this book might be a good read.

Becoming More Australian: A guide to the quirks of life down under
I'll be sure to pass along any good facts I come across.  So far all they've talked about is how the Aussie's love thongs (flip-flops) and some Aussie slang terms.  I knew there was a reason I'd chosen Australia - our love of flip flops made us kindred spirits...

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  1. I would like a video of the ants knowing how much you like bugs :)