Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A morning off

I had the morning off again today because I have to be back at Leslie's house by 2:30pm so I can go with her to the boys school.  She has a parent-teacher conference and needs me to watch the boys during it.  She told me last night that on Friday night I'll have the boys because she's going out with a friend.  So, I'll have to cook them dinner.  With some help from the internet and some FB friends I've got a few options, so I'll run those by her tonight and see what she says.

Hossein met me at the library this morning for coffee, since he's off work this week, so we sat and talked for a bit before he headed off to an appointment.  I'm sure anyone in ear shot thought we were crazy because the topics were so random.  We talked about drugs in Iran and he told me about how they have four different police there as well.  There are tons of informants for the one police group, so you never know who to trust.  Ayatollah is bad and so is his government, you can bribe anyone.  He said most Iranians actually like Americans, they don't like our government, but they like us.  I tried explaining the differences between races, matches and games (in terms of sports) so that was interesting. For only starting to learn English 6 months ago he does pretty well.  We only had to use his iPhone dictionary a few times when he couldn't think of a word in English or I couldn't think of a synonym he understood in English.  From what he said his roommates are mostly Persian as well, so he doesn't get too much practice speaking English I guess.

Well, I'd better wrap this up and catch my bus.  Hopefully my first time watching the boys goes well this afternoon.  I'm really not looking forward to Friday night because I've seen how much trouble she has getting them to go to bed every night....  Hopefully they behave for me :)  In parting I thought I'd share this song with you all.  My Aunt Gayle introduced it to me years ago and it was stuck in my head last night when I couldn't sleep.  Such a great song and the second verse has definitely been me on this Australian adventure....

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