Thursday, April 17, 2014

One Day At A Time

I’ve managed almost 4 full days with the boys (sometimes with Lesley and sometimes without) and I’m not ready to pack up just yet, so some people must be praying extra hard for me.  Thankfully, they leave for a quick vacation early tomorrow morning so I’ll get some time off from the boys.  Today, Thursday has been quite trying.  Usually they amuse themselves at the park so that helps kill some time during the day and doesn’t require much from me.  Yesterday I took them to one of Lesley’s friend’s apartment so they could do an Easter egg hunt.  The couple is from Canada and spends they’re winters here in Adelaide.  There really wasn’t anywhere to hide the eggs, but they got chocolate and toys out of the deal, so they didn’t really care.  Once Lesley arrived we headed off to Stirling, this quaint little village up North.  She had to visit someone up there so I wandered around the shops and stopped in at their library while I waited for them to finish up.  Another friend of hers (we had coffee with them Monday morning, but I can’t remember if I mentioned that earlier or not) lives up that way so we stopped in there for a bit and then decided since we were in the area I should see the view from Mt. Lofty Summit.

 Isn’t the view spectacular?  You can see all of Adelaide, clear to the ocean.  We were all hungry by then, so after a quick trip to a little town a bit further north for dinner we headed back home.  Since we had to drive back past Mt. Lofty she decided I needed to get a chance to see the view when all the lights are on.  We missed seeing the sun set into the water, but as you can see – there was still some color left in the sky.  The moon of course was beautiful as well, but I couldn’t get a good picture of it on our way back down.

Well, the library will be closed all weekend, so Happy Easter everyone!!

We have God's Easter promise, so let us seek a goal
that opens up new vistas for man's eternal soul...
For our strength and our security lie not in earthly things
but in Christ the Lord, who died for us and rose as King of Kings.
--Helen Steiner Rice

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