Thursday, April 3, 2014

Gardening Day

Well, yesterday afternoon was interesting...  Watching the boys during Leslie's parent-teacher conference was super easy, because I literally just watched while they played on the play ground with their friends.  They can behave when they want to and weren't too bad until she made them share an ice cream cup instead of getting their own.  Then shortly after we got home Magnus threw a huge tantrum so Aleksander and I played with Legos and toy cars until it was dinner time.  Leslie's friend came over shortly after dinner so Leslie asked me to get the boys ready for bed, and then eventually to put them to bed.  I've watched her try to get the boys to bed for a few nights now and knew it was impossible.  She can't even get them to do what she says!!  Thankfully they rescued me after a bit because they knew it was a lost cause.  After cleaning up the kitchen I was free to go - it was about 8:30 and we'd put them in bed at about 7:30 and they still weren't asleep (or close to it).  I can only imagine what Friday night will be like when I'm on my own.  At least they won't have school the next day so it won't be as big of a deal if they don't get to sleep on time.  

So this morning I cleaned up the house and then she took me an empty house (I think it was her father-in-law's home, but he passed away) to do some gardening/yard work.  There was a lemon tree and some bushes that needed trimmed, grass to mow, the place is pretty sad looking since no one is there.  I could have gotten so much accomplished, but all the stuff I cut down or weeded had to fit into these 2 trash cans!  I stuffed them so full I'm not sure how they're going to get it all out.  The lemon tree smelled so nice, but it had these super sharp jaggers and I kept pricking myself while trying to get as much into the trash cans as possible.  Thankfully it was much cooler today and mostly overcast, so it was perfect gardening weather. After I was half way through the day I realized I should have taken some before and after pictures for the blog, but by then my hands were so dirty and I had no before picture.  It looked pretty good when I was done, but I'll probably go back next week, after they pick up the trash cans, to finish mowing and raking up some leaves.  It was a pretty good day, and I'll take that over watching kids any day :)  

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