Friday, March 28, 2014

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day....

Can you tell I'm in a pretty good mood??  Started off the day totally lazy, it is Saturday after all :)  Rolled out of bed late, ate some breakfast while reading a fascinating article about robots and some other news stories.  That's one thing I miss when I'm back home.  Our newspaper is so boring!!  Maybe it's because it's a big city, but I remember the newspaper in Japan being so fascinating as well - lots of interesting stories from all over the world.  Sorry for the rabbit trail... I had decided that since I have no idea what the next two weeks will look like I had better visit the South Australian Museum and the Haigh Chocolate factory today.  While getting ready to head out I checked my phone and saw that I had a voicemail.  Low and behold it was Mr. M (the couple I'm housesitting for in May).  His voicemail said they'd love to take me out for dinner and that I've been giving out the wrong phone number! :)  Oh boy...  Definitely something I'd have loved to have known before I applied for all those jobs with that number.  That could also explain why my mom was having trouble calling me.  Country codes and what not, it's all a bit confusing sometimes.  He'd only left a message about 5 minutes earlier, so I quickly called him back.  He is super nice (which I already had gathered from our email exchanges).  He explained the phone numbers to me and also told me that he was still checking into some jobs in their area for me.  He works for a nonprofit employment agency and since I'm not Australian they can't officially post my resume or anything like that, but he said if he heard of anything, he'd give me a call straight away.  He was going to be in town on Monday evening and he & his wife wanted to take me to dinner. Leslie is picking me up Sunday afternoon and I have no idea what plans will be, so I explained that and told him if once I knew I'd certainly love to have dinner with them.  He said not to worry (as almost all Australian's do - we say "no problem" and they say "no worries") and if I ever ran into any trouble or didn't have a place to stay to give them a call.  So that was really nice.

I checked at reception and they told me the free tour of the museum was at 2pm, so I had plenty of time to check out the chocolate factory tour first.  However, you do have to call ahead and pre-book the tour because it's apparently quite popular.  Unfortunately, when he called I found out I had waited too long, and all 3 tours for today were full.  So I decided to come to the library and check emails and such since the museum is next to the library anyway.  So, despite the lack of chocolate today, things are going pretty well so far :)

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