Sunday, March 23, 2014

Arriving in Adelaide

I arrived in Adelaide last night and made it to my hostel - lugging my suitcases the last 3 blocks after getting off the bus was a bit tiring.  Adelaide seems so small compared to Sydney - which it is, but it just feels so much less cramped. Everything is more spread out.  One of the women in my dorm, an older woman named Beverly, was so helpful this morning (she’s Australian and lives near Sydney).  She came just for a weekend getaway, she said she always tells people what to visit when coming to Adelaide, but hadn't really done much of it herself, so she decided she'd better.  We chatted while I ate breakfast and she gave me a map of the city and a booklet of the films being shown during the French Film Festival over the next few weeks.  She taught in Japan and she has housesat as well :) 

After my free breakfast (gotta love free), I headed to Flinders Street Baptist Church, I had seen a sign on my walk in the night before.  It's a very proper old church; I think the building was built back in the 1800's - so it's a beautiful old building.  The people were much older in general, and not as welcoming as the church in Sydney - but it was nice.  After a lunch of leftover pizza, I headed out to do some exploring and try to get my bearings.  I found a Coles while walking, so I got some groceries and after dropping them back off in the hostel headed back out to visit the Art Gallery of South Australia.  The museum was free and had some really cool pieces of art.  I just loved some of the landscape pieces, they were so realistic.  James Ashton and Eugene von Guerard were probably my favorites. They had some Aboriginal art as well, so that was cool.  The state library was next door, so I popped in there as well.  I might try to take the free tour tomorrow. So now I’m catching up on emails and searching Craigslist and Gumtree for jobs and accommodation.  Hardly exciting, but I’ve got to find something J

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