Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hot flashes & free BBQ

Yesterday was free BBQ night at the hostel, but don't be fooled there was no BBQ sauce in sight.  I've determined that when they say something is barbecued they simply mean it's been grilled in some way.  After spending the majority of my day doing my RSA course, I headed back to the hostel to call about some possible apartments and to start some laundry.  Then I headed over to the main hostel with Miho for the free dinner.  It was quite tasty and very filling.  We had 2 types of sausage, chicken, salad, and bread - there were even some donuts for desert.  There are quite a few French people at this hostel, which is different.  Usually they're Asian (Miho is Japanese and I think my 4th Japanese roommate so far) or German.  The French couple who sat across from us had just purchased a car/campervan and were heading to Perth to try and find jobs and work on their English.

I finished my laundry, read the newspaper, and decided to head to bed around 10:30.  No one else was in the room and the hostel was actually quiet, so I figured I'd be able to get to sleep before everyone came in.  Nope, couldn't sleep.  I just kept getting warmer....and by midnight I was roasting!!!  There was still no one in the room and it was quiet.  Got some water and finally went back to bed...  Thankfully I did cool off eventually and did get to sleep.  But seriously, what's wrong with me?  :)

I made myself get up and go running this morning.  Although I'm walking everywhere, I still don't get much exercise and am hardly eating very healthy so I figured I should at least give it a go (even though I'm not a big fan of running with shoes on).  After a shower and some breakfast I headed back to the market to get some more fresh veggies and other groceries before heading back to the library (where I am now) to check on job applications and apartment inquiries.  In other news, I've lost track of how many cover letters and applications I've submitted - but I guess that's a good thing, right?  Better odds that way.  I packed a lunch, so I think after my internet time I'm gonna head to the Migration museum (it's right behind the library I think)....  Cheers!


  1. We've been following you on your blog and are glad that you are enjoying your time "down under"! We looked at the Surf Camp facebook page and we're pretty sure that we recognized you "hanging ten"!
    We miss you and are looking forward to every new post. Keep looking up to the One Who dos provide!
    Rick and Jake

  2. Congratulations!! After all these months of blogging you are the first ones to ever comment :)

    I'm glad you're enjoying my musings, thanks for you prayers as well!