Friday, March 14, 2014

Australia - Day 3

I finally met an Australian!!  :)  Hard to believe, but it's true.  The people with Ultimate Oz aren't Australian and the other people I've met (in my rooms and on the street) haven't been either!  So this morning they had us sit through a 3 hour "lecture" series on work and travel in Australia.  I didn't find the work section all that helpful really, but it was good to hear a bit more about the cool places to see in Australia and see some pricing for packages through Ultimate Oz.  After UO people gave their part of it they had a guy from Travel Wheels talk to us about how to rent a camper van to travel around.  Two of the girls in our group ended up deciding to get one that has a little tent on the top.  After the camper van talk, was Mitch (the first Australian).  He came to talk to us about surf camp.  He was adorable, of course, and incredibly full of energy!!  They take about 70 people each week and they hadn't filled up next week yet, so we could go for at a discount of $495 - 5 days, all you can eat, with 2 surf lessons a day.  It sounds like quite a few people from our group will be going, so if I'm going to try it I think now would be the time.  If I went any other week I wouldn't know anyone at all and I think I'd be intimidated.  I've hung out a bit with Jennifer and she's going to do it so I think I will too.  At the very least it gives me a plan for next week.

After our lecture, we had the Sydney Harbor cruise.  We were split into 2 groups since we can't all fit on the ship.  The other girls I had chatted with were in the other group, but thankfully Jennifer was in my group so that was nice.  It was a small ship with nets on the front that you could lay in to sunbathe, and if we hit a wave just right you got splashed.  We got to cruise past the Opera House and under the Harbor bridge and get a beautiful view of the city.

After returning from the cruise I packed my bag for base camp tomorrow and then paid for internet to see if I could find some jobs to apply for on the Travelers at Work website.  Didn't have much luck, most wanted 3 months minimum stay and since I have to be in Gawler in the middle of May that's not really possible.  I think that commuting from Adelaide to Gawler during the house sit would be doable, so I'm thinking I'll move to Adelaide (or somewhere near there) and get a job and when I do the house sit then I'll commute a bit further.

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