Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Great Debate: Modesty

It would seem that suddenly there's a conversation going on about Modesty.   Jessica Rey's talk/speech on modesty, entitled "The Evolution of the Swimsuit", has been making its rounds on the internet (and it's definitely thought-provoking) and I just came across this article that gives a great look into the issue of modesty.

My favorite line from Jessica's speech was: "Modesty isn't about hiding ourselves, it's about revealing our dignity."  That line reminds me of Ms. DeRosset's book (you can read my post on her book here ) and why dignity and modesty go hand-in-hand.  I grew up being taught (ok, often forced) to dress modestly, but the reasons given always made me mad.  All I ever heard (regardless of how my parents phrased their response) was, "guys can't control their minds, so you have to do your best to help them out".   That never seemed like a very good answer to me, but I did as my father asked (although "modesty" was probably the biggest thing we disagreed on - and often).  I've since learned a lot about modesty, especially through some great books, but I'm not gonna lie - I still struggle with it.  It's so much easier to wear whatever I want without thinking about it, and often it's cheaper too! 

Anyway, I'm off on a rabbit trail - all this to say that Rachel Evans makes some great points in her article and it's definitely worth a read.  While I generally agree with her points, I would caution on her second point, that just because something is culturally acceptable doesn't make it modest.  I think that the opposite would be a better guideline for you.  When something is culturally immodest then you are being immodest regardless of your personal feelings on the matter.  In Liberia (and many African nations) it was immodest for women to wear pants.  That is changing, but when I visited it was true, so we wore skirts. 

I especially like the statement she made at the end of her second point: "We don’t stop lust by covering up the female form; we stop lust by teaching men to treat women as human beings worthy of respect." AMEN SISTER!  While I realize that "Men are wired differently than us, it is implausible to assume one can teach the testosterone out of them", I do think that teaching respect for women is very important and would certainly not hurt.

P.S.  Jessica's designs are great, but I've never purchased one so I can't vouche for them.  I have bought some of the Hapari Swimwear tops and loved them.  They're not all modest, but they do have several modest options and they have some great sales.  Another great option is LimeRicki - just in case some of you women are still on the hunt.

bathing suit (noun)

a garment worn for swimming.

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