Sunday, January 4, 2015


I had just finished eating dinner when I got a text asking if  I could work at 6:30pm.  I didn't really want to (I'd rather go to volleyball), but it was a short shift, just three hours, so I told them I could.  It was a food running shift and I got there and they explained all the table numbers and how to read the food slips.  Long story short, I basically got fired at 8pm.  The owner (he seemed cranky all night) just came up to me and said, "You can leave.  I asked them to send me someone professional who could 3-plate carry." I said, "ok" and grabbed my bag from behind the bar and left.  The woman who had explained the job to me was busy so I didn't even bother attempting to get my timesheet signed.  It probably wouldn't have been so annoying except I don't really know what I did wrong.  I didn't mix up any of the orders or tables, didn't drop or break anything...  I did forget to put a bowl of vegetables onto another plate before taking it to a table (which I think is crazy and a waste of dishes, but whatever), and he yelled at me for that, but that's it.  My 3-plate carrying skills are definitely not my strongest skill, but I've managed on my shifts at the casino.  Australia has been full of "firsts" so I guess it was about time I experienced that "first". Anyway, it was still early enough that if I ran to volleyball I'd still get over an hour of playing time in, so I hurried home knowing some exercise would help with the frustration.

When I arrived it actually wasn't that busy.  Jordan and Max were sitting out when I arrived (but were done playing for the night) so I chatted with them a bit while waiting to get on the court.  Abel showed up as well and I found some other random people, so with Gus joining us (he'd been on the other team) we were able to make the next 6.  We were playing against Stephanie, Des, Jason, and some other people I didn't know, but we managed to hold our own.  Sadly, not far into the second game it started to drizzle a bit.  We kept playing, but by the middle of the third game it had started raining harder so when that game ended we all went to sit under the awning.  It's just canvas though, so when it really starts to rain it eventually leaks.  It didn't look like it would let up in enough time to play another game before the lights went out so I put my shoes back on and headed home.

It's definitely the official start to the rainy season - I woke up early this morning because it was raining so hard.  Saw online that 95mm (almost 4 inches) of rain have fallen in Cairns in the last 24 hours, most of it this morning.  I'm just hoping it stops in time to go to volleyball - I only have so many days left in Cairns to play volleyball!!

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