Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pride & Prejudice

I just finished reading Pride & Prejudice for the first time (which is kind of surprising to me because I love the movie version {with Keira Knightly} and the Bollywood spin-off Bride & Prejudice).  Anyway, I was not a big a fan of the book as I had hoped.  I did thoroughly enjoy it, but not near as much as I had enjoyed reading Jane Eyre for the first time.  I cannot exactly pinpoint what it was about the book that dissapointed me.  Anyway, here are two of my favorite lines from the book (that are not in the movie).

Since I had dearly loved the movie, I decided to watch it again and see if maybe something in the movie could point me to my disappointment of the book.  Alas, all it did was make me dislike the movie a bit.  The flow of the movie makes so much more sense after reading the book, and sadly several sections of dialogue in the movie weren't in the book.  Plus, after reading the book all you can think is, "this scene isn't in the book" or "they don't say that in the book".  Perhaps most surprising to me was realizing that one of the most quoted lines from the movie isn't even in the book!  The "I love, I love, I love you" part doesn't surprise me as much as "you have bewitched me body and soul" part.  The "I love you" part just reminds me of that cheesy scene in Singing in the Rain....

So, there you have it - my thoughts on the movie vs. book conundrum :)  Either way, I'd encourage you to read the book AND watch the movie.

pride (noun)

1. a high or inordinate opinion of one's own dignity, imiportance, merit or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, conduct, etc.
2.  the state or feeling of being proud

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