Monday, March 19, 2018

Rotorua - Day 4

Everyone else on the tour had booked an optional tour (either whitewater rafting or the visit to Hobbiton), so Andy gave me a map of town and I got to explore on my own.  Since it's Sunday afternoon back home I used the alone time to call folks.  Since Rotorua is known for its geothermal activity (it has the smell to signify the name), Andy had told me about some local "foot spas" I could utilize.  Certainly makes talking on the phone more pleasant when you're feet are soaking in a nice hot pool.  After the first phone call I found a coffee shop and ordered my beloved 'Flat White' - despite the $4 price tag I am taking advantage of their rampant existence here.  I wandered through town and found a book shop having a sale.  I managed to buy only one kids book, mis sobrinos will have to enjoy it at my house.  I had not been following my usual travel rules (to prevent me from getting lost as I wander aimlessly), but still managed to figure out how to get back to the hostel in time to meet up with everyone else before lunch.  Back on the bus we headed to Waiotapu to see some beautiful sulfur springs and even some boiling mud!

Boiling Mud Video

Our last stop before arriving in Taupo, where we would spend the night, was Huka Falls.  The water was so incredibly clear, it was nearly unbelievable!  200,000 liters of water per second - enough to fill five Olympic swimming pools in 1 minute!
Huka Falls Video

Disclaimer:  You might have to view the blog post on the web, not in your email, to view the video - I'm not 100% sure.

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